Financial Services Organization

A major North American Financial Services organization sought to leverage automation tools to streamline the efficiency of its marketing operations and customer relations functions. Softtek was engaged to consolidate multiple disparate systems, drive process improvement and apply automation technology to drive efficiency and enhance accuracy.


Multiple outsourced contact centers running marketing campaigns
Heterogeneous systems and data formats; status reports on Excel spreadsheets
>192K daily contacts processes
1-2 days to consolidate customer status via manual process


Softtek RPA methodology: concept – implementation – operation
Automation workshops, Proof of Concepts
Agile implementation
SaaS , on-premise or hybrid operations
Accelerated time-to-market – 3-5 weeks per process
FRIDA platform (subscription model per process)


Softtek’s process improvement and automation solution enhanced the efficiency of internal operations, improved the customer experience and reduced risk.


Customer experience through elimination of redundant contacts



Risk of over-commitment due to redundant contacts



For customer status update (versus 1-2 days)