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 Automotive Digital Assistant

Automotive Digital Assistant

Automotive Digital Assistant is an innovative solution that optimizes and improves the reception process and the delivery of vehicles to dealerships, rental companies and technical inspection services.

What is Automotive Digital Assistant?


A new experience for customers and service advisors, whose technology design allows for personalization and rapidly incorporates new functionalities according to needs.

Thanks to its technological design, new components and functionalities can be quickly adapted according to an organization’s specific needs.


Improved Customer Service

Advanced technologies create new channels of interaction between organizations and their customers. Thanks to technology, you can innovate to create solutions to improve service quality.

Customers now demand agile and efficient interactions, without the wait times. To respond to these new expectations, companies need to transform and incorporate solutions that are customer-focused.

Easy and intuitive operation
Personalized design
Scalable solution
Quick ROI


Rental vehicles
Technical inspection


Cost Reduction
Automatic, no manual intervention. Resource efficiency.
Time Reduction
Increased reception and delivery capacity without the wait.
100% Digital Process
Improves accessibility and contributes to independence. A simple and intuitive operation.
Customer Experience
Improves accessibility and contributes to independence. A simple and intuitive operation.
Added Value
An overlooked process 24x7 care Marketing and promotions.

How to evolve your organization with Automotive Digital Assistant

Softtek - time to evolve


The Automotive Digital Assistant is designed to assist in the evolution of our customers’ businesses, responding quickly to new market challenges and needs.


Incorporate a new channel of interaction. Increase the capacity of operations. Respond to new situations.


Improve the experience. Raise the operating margin. Optimize work efficiency.


Reduce costs. Boost productivity. Deliver agility and flexibility


Innovation in support processes improves customer service in dealerships, rental companies and technical inspections.

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