From Brick and Mortar to Digital Business at Record Pace

Find out how top industry leaders are leveraging technology during this time of digital-only commerce.

Featuring: GABRIEL MORALES CIO, Cinépolis
JOSH ROSENFELD Digital Operations, 24 Hour Fitness



Softtek is bringing you the next installment in our popular webinar series “Leading in Uncertain Times” as we discuss innovative approaches for brick & mortar organizations that must develop brick & click business models to survive. Our digital roundtable will include Gabriel Morales, CIO at Cinépolis; Josh Rosenfeld, Digital Operations at 24 Hour Fitness; Jaime Palacios, Softtek; and will cover topics such as:

How to enable new digital channels to deliver to your customer base
What solutions IT executives can implement to redirect revenue to digital channels
How businesses can take advantage of the scaled up or scaled down elasticity provided by maximizing enterprise cloud solutions