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Softtek Digital Enablers

Technology Services

Platform Services

Healthcare | Application Management
Softtek Helps Global First Responder Company

Maximize MA&D benefits while supporting critical IT infrastructure.

Insurance | Intelligent Automation
Softtek Empowers a Global Insurance Claims Service Provider

Through business process automation.

Consumer Packaged Goods | SAP
Líder de la Industria Farmacéutica en Latinoamérica

Digitaliza el corazón de su negocio con SAP S/4HANA

Automotive | Retail | SAP | Cloud Services | Digital Triage | Digital Sales Services
Um dos maiores fornecedores do mercado de reposição automotivo no México.

Atacadista de peças de automóveis no México acelera a adoção da Transformação Digital.

Melhor varejista de reformas domésticas.

O varejista de reforma transforma os recursos de tecnologia para alcançar resultados de negócios ambiciosos.

Retail | Software Engineering | Quality Engineering
Os 10 melhores varejistas no México.

O melhor varejista tem alta economia com a automação.

Líder em produtos e soluções de escritório nos EUA e Canadá.

Os varejistas modernizam sua plataforma de eCommerce para acelerar o crescimento da receita e obter clientes.

Hospitality | blauLabs
Importante Cadena Hotelera Maximiza sus Ahorros de Consumo Eléctrico

Softtek apoya a la cadena hotelera al análisis del manejo de sus utilities, creando y ejecutando estrategias con mejores prácticas para su mejor control.

Hospitality | blauLabs
Luxury Hotel Chain saves $4M in Utility Consumption with blauLabs

Softtek helps company understand consumption patterns globally.

Media & Entertainment | Digital Security
American Mass Media Conglomerate

How Softtek Helps Safeguard Over 2,500 Applications for One of the Largest American Media and Technology Conglomerates.

Largest Department Store in Latin America Reduces Operational Cost in Peak Season

Softtek helped the client reduce last mile logistics costs by about 30% for over 4.4 million deliveries while improving customer loyalty.

Global leader in wholesale pharmacy revamps its digital commerce

Softtek is helping the retailer to achieve its ambitious business plan by implementing a digital commerce strategy around the globe by 2021, starting in Latin America.

Transportation | Logistics
Leading Provider of Technology-enabled Transportation and Supply Chain Management Services

Softtek helps company save 750K+ in a year through ITIS managed service modernization and standardization.

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Oil, Gas & Utilities
Achieved 45% Reduction in IT Operation Cost

One of the largest LATAM oil company

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Oil, Gas & Utilities
Ensures Business Continuity, Saving $65K USD for Every Uninterrupted Day

Colombian Oil & Gas Company

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Industrial | IT Infrastructure Services
Top-10 Global Industrial Conglomerate

Future-proofs its IT infrastructure services by aligning them to business demands, and instantly saves millions of dollars in annual spending.

Airlines & Airports
Top Canadian Airline

Protects Business Assets from Worldwide Offenders

European Pizza Chain

Softtek helps pizza delivery chain increase hiring efficency

Industrial | AWS
Power, Electrical, and Automation Technology Multinational Successfully Migrated Large-scale Workloads to AWS Cloud

Softtek supported the creation and migration of and AWS architecture, enabling the client to swiftly divest and migrate business units, while ensuring reliable infrastructure adoptions across enterprise architectures. 

Global Logistics Leader


Improves Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

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Largest Provider of Physician Services to Hospital and Health Systems Achieves 60%+ Cycle Time Reduction in Procure to Pay Transactions

Smart Buy Services

Healthcare | Application Services
#1 Network of Medical Assistance Services Strengthens Leadership in the Market through Application Services

Enterprise Management Solutions Life-cycle | Application Management | Application Development | Enterprise Agile Development | Modern Application Development

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Transportation | Logistics
One of the Top Logistics Companies Worldwide

Transforms Customer Delivery Experience.

Transportation | Logistics
One of the Largest Logistics & Delivery Companies

Accelerates Time to Market for New Application Features.

Iconic Quick Service Restaurant

Optimizes Technology Operations and Builds Reliable Platforms, Reducing Guest Friction.

Major Motorcycle Manufacturer

Generates Efficiencies and Aligns IT with Business Goals through Lean Operations and Project Delivery.

Automotive | SAP
Leading Automotive Supplier

Accelerates M&A Efficiencies through SAP Integration.

Top 5 Insurance Company

Ensures Operations Continuity and Enables New Business Models through Enterprise Management Services.

Leading Car Insurance Provider

Capitalizes on Market Opportunities and Enables Business Growth.

Global Insurance and Financial Services Provider Increases Business Agility and Improves Customer Satisfaction

Increases Business Agility and Improves Customer Satisfaction.

Top 5 Private Healthcare Provider

Modernizes Business Introducing Digital Services through Application Development.

Top Global Health Insurance Company

Ensure Project Objectives to Reduce Resource Consumption through PMO Services.

Banking & Financial Services
Remittance service provider subsidiary of a global financial group

Improve business KPIs including remittance amount, customers affiliated and number of transactions.

Banking & Financial Services
Large European financial institution with international money transfer services

Improve business KPIs through the evolution of customer service processes and integration of new payment service for customers.

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One of the biggest global telecommunication leaders

Softtek’s Real-time Remote Monitoring and Alerts Help Stabilize Network Performance across Data Centers.

Hospitality | SAP | Cloud Services | Intelligent Operations | IT Infrastructure Services
Multinational, fast-food holding company

Softtek IT operations enabled a smooth on-premise to cloud migration, leveraging the flexibility, scalability and agility for future business growth.

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Hospitality | Application Services
Privately owned and operated fitness center chain

Softtek enables Digital Member Scheduling Capabilities during Global Pandemic.

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Airlines & Airports | Intelligent Operations | Application Services | IT Infrastructure Services
US largest domestic air carrier

Softtek transforms IT support into next generation business-driven and increase reliability.

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Hospitality | Consumer Packaged Goods | Software Engineering
One of the Largest Cinema chains in the world

Softtek helps standardize digital services and operations to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Latin American National General Customs Administration
6%+ Increase in Foreign Trade Tax Revenue
Latin American Federal Government Revenue Service

Exceeded Annual Revenue Goal by over US $3B

Latin American National Social Security Institute

Benefits 75M+ Citizens through Process Digitization

Latin American Health Service Provider

Patient- centric Solution to Respond Quickly to the Changing Pandemic Conditions

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Telecommunications | Agile Transformation
Telecommunications Company Modernizes its Digital Platform to Meet Customer Demands
Softtek’s Services Helped the Client Optimize its IT Infrastructure and Applications, Allowing it to Increase Revenue from its Prepaid Business.
Logistics | Quality Engineering
Logistics Leader Turns Data into Cost Savings

Softtek Quality Services Play Key Role to Save US$ 300M Per Year.

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Banking & Financial Services | Quality Engineering
Global Finance firm consolidates its HR Portal

Softtek’s Cost-effective QA Managed Services Solution Assures Top-quality and Zero Defects.

SAP | Azure
Parque de atracciones número uno de Colombia

La solución ERP de Softtek (SOD) aunada a las funcionalidades flexibles y eficientes del modelo de gestión SAP, con la seguridad que ofrece la nube de Microsoft Azure. 

SAP | Azure
Empresa argentina fruti-hortícola catalogada como una de las más importantes del mundo

Implementación SAP S/4 HANA por Softtek.

SAP | Azure
Compañía líder en investigación y desarrollo de productos microbiológicos aplicados al Agro

Modelo de plataforma administrada e infraestructura como servicio, en la nube de Microsoft Azure, administrado por Softtek.

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Technology | Software Engineering
Worldwide Background and identity solutions Company

After the client completed a set of mergers & acquisitions, Softtek helped to integrate and consolidate a sophisticated suite of products and services to achieve customer expectations and business objectives in the short term.

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Banking & Financial Services
Leading Consumer Financial Services Institution

Enabling Digital Tansformation through APIs and Microservices.

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Banking & Financial Services
Top 5 largest bank in Mexico

Softtek implemented a new payment platform with APIs that leveraged their legacy systems, and added new functionality for digital onboarding, replacing manual processes for new businesses enrollment.

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Banking & Financial Services
European Global Bank

Customer Banking platform operating 140M+ transacction per year at Northamerica, Latam & Europe.

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Banking & Financial Services | Intelligent Automation
One of the Major North American Bank

Softtek helped improve customer experience & Business Process platforms through an Intelligent Digitization & Automation Framework.

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Top home improvement retailer

Softtek helped one of the biggest home improvement retailers to transform its technology platform through a variety of IT services to support the business operations required for growth and expansion.

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Hospitality | Application Services
Fast growing hotel operator develops, owns and operates premium brand hotel properties nationwide

Softtek creates a powerful occupancy forecasting model that maximizes profit.

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Consumer Packaged Goods | Intelligent Operations | IT Infrastructure Services
World’s largest brewer company

Softtek partners with the world’s largest brewing company to ensure business continuity of their core operations through the Intelligent IT Infrastructure Operations Service and improve both performance and availability of business-critical services.

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Industrial | Application Services
Leading energy technology company

Enhancing a leading energy provider´s efficiencies through IT infrastructure optimization and AMS.

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Industrial | Application Services | IT Infrastructure Services
One of the world’s leading diversified manufacturers of specialized industrial equipment, consumables, and related service businesses

Softtek helps a leading equipment manufacturer optimize costs, stabilize operations, and enhance customer satisfaction by consolidating and transforming technology services.

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Consumer Packaged Goods | IT Infrastructure Services
One of the largest non-alcoholic worldwide bottlers with plants and distribution centers in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, and the United States

One of the Largest non-alcoholic worldwide bottlers with an agressive corporate goal to duplicate profitability every 5 years, needed to ensure alignment with industry best practices for Infrastructure Services to support global expansion of operations.

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Office product & solutions leader in the USA and Canada

Softtek implements a solution to dramatically improve customers’ online shopping experience-

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Leading premium car and motorcycle manufacturer

Softtek enables dealership—manufacturer communication to streamline operations through a secure digital platform.

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Retail | Software Engineering | Quality Engineering | Intelligent Automation
Top 10 retailer in Mexico

Through Softtek’s Cognitive services, “FRIDA,” the client automated complex business processes, maximized employee potential by reassigning them to value-added activities inside the organization and reduced human errors in business and financial operations. 

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Airlines & Airports | ServiceNow
Top US Airline flying to over 120 destinations

Softtek Improves Business Operations and Satisfaction through Digitization Operation Platform. 

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Automotive | Software Engineering
Top five U.S. based car manufacturer

Softtek’s unique digital platform harmonizes customers’ changing expectations and dealership needs with the sales and marketing processes.

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Oil, Gas & Utilities | Industrial
World energy leader providing equipment, solutions, and services across the energy value chain

Softtek’s smart, 24/7 monitoring and diagnostic services help optimize power plant and equipment performance.

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Automotive | Retail | SAP | Cloud Services | Digital Triage | Digital Sales Services
One of the Largest Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers in Mexico

Through Softtek’s solutions and services the client unified its technological platform to reduce costs, increased its international and national presence and improved customer satisfaction and experience.

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Hospitality | Intelligent Operations | IT Infrastructure Services | Data and AI
A fast-casual restaurant leader founded in 1975 operating over 1600 stores globally

Softtek helps iconic American Restaurant Leader save 30% in cost through managed services and increase guest loyalty by 25% with a Digital Guest Experience platform.

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Consumer Packaged Goods | Application Services
Global food company dedicated to bringing local favorite foods to communities everywhere

Softtek partners with a Global Food Company to optimize core business processes, enhance and support hundreds of applications and develop end user functionality.

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Automotive | Agile Transformation | Intelligent Automation
Global Automobile and EV manufacturer

Applying agile methodologies and customer experience KPIs to develop a digital CX strategy that drives car sales.

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Oil, Gas & Utilities | Industrial
Top 10 global cement manufacturer

Softtek helps ensure the business continuity of core processes through intelligent operations.

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Hospitality | Consumer Packaged Goods | Cloud Services | Application Services
Global Cinema Chain


Partners with Softtek to boost profitable growth through digital transformation.

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Consumer Packaged Goods | Software Engineering | Data and AI
One of the world’s largest fashion retailers

Supported by consumer insights, Softtek implemented customized solutions to improve depot logistics, operations and customer experience.

Consumer Packaged Goods | SAP
Mexico based global leader in the food processing industry

Softtek partners with a Global Food Company to accelerate digital transformation of core business through SAP Platform, the biggest SAP project in Mexico.

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Automotive | Software Engineering | DIEGO
Global premium car manufacturer

Enabling frictionless service and increasing customer satisfaction with Softtek by digitizing after-sales services.

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