CIO Survival Guide

Thursday August 11, 2011 - 12pm ET / Softtek

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According to Forrester Research, the average amount spent on ongoing operations and maintenance exceeds 65% of the IT budget.* Furthermore, new project failure rate is at a startling 67% (Standish Group Chaos Report, 2010). In this context, CIOs face the daunting task of aligning IT with the business strategy, with increasing budget constraints. Improving the business value of the application portfolio is a must, and internal change is the only way to achieve it.
Alexander Peters, Ph.D
Principal Analyst,
Forrester Research, Inc.


Guest speaker Alexander Peters, principal analyst with Forrester Research, Inc.,  leads a discussion on how corporations can generate more business value from IT through a business-process-oriented approach to IT Services.

Key takeaways:

  1. Traditional IT organizations are not well positioned to generate more business value
  2. Benefits for shifting from IT Services to Business-Process-Oriented IT Services
  3. 5 key processes for managing business demands and value
  4. 7 simple step approach for becoming a business-process-oriented organization
  5. Example of business value enabled by the new organization
*The Application Portfolio Management Landscape Combine Process And Tools To Tame The Beast, Forrester Research, Inc., April 15, 2011
Webinar: CIO Survival Guide
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