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Digital Innovation X
Leadership Forum 2021


Typically held in Cancun, Softtek’s Digital Innovation Summit became a yearly tradition, and a unique space to foster relationships.

This year, 2021, would have marked the 10th edition of our event. While we were looking forward to a special Softtek Digital Innovation Summit X in our usual venue, the pandemic has forced us to look for alternatives.

For the 10th anniversary of our summit, we are creating Digital Innovation X, a Leadership Forum. The intent is to exchange ideas and experiences that led us through the challenges of the pandemic.

At our forum website you will find a selection of relevant recorded sessions since 2012, and starting late-February, we will host live sessions every so often.

We will enable free-flow conversations of small groups of executives on the immediate and lasting impacts of Covid-19 in the following areas:

  • Changes in consumer behavior
  • Work landscape
  • Reconfiguration of the supply chain
  • Enterprise agility

Every session will be recorded and available for on-demand reproduction.

Please request access through the form below. In addition to gaining access to all the content, you will have the possibility to actively participate in live sessions.

May 13th | 5pm ET
The World Economic Forum estimates that over half of employees will require significant reskilling by 2022, with 133 million new roles emerging by 2022. This skills mismatch will widen as new technologies rapidly evolve, and human talent paired with AI lead to new ways of working. How can organizations compete in an environment where they can’t fill key positions, and current employee skills don’t match new skill requirements? Join our expert panelists as they discuss how to transform—and retain—digital talent for the new digital era.
Thomas Sweet
Thomas Sweet
VP, Cloud Services
GM Financial
Mark Polansky
Mark Polansky
Sr. Partner, Technology Officers Executive Search
Korn Ferry
Pepe Velasquez
Pepe Velasquez
EVP, Human Resources
Beni Lopez
Beni Lopez
Managing Director, Industrial & US Market, Softtek
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June 10th | 5pm ET
The rapid swings in consumer habits and preferences across segments and categories, added to the uneven impacts of the pandemic across regions is prompting business to rethink how they plan, work and please the ever-changing consumers. Join our panel of experts and explore how digital helped move at the speed of consumer shifts, powered by agile mindset, machine learning, rapid feedback cycles empowered by continuous delivery and a cloud-based flexible architecture.
Barbara Kahn
Barbara E. Kahn
Professor from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton
Alex Camino
Alex Camino
CMO, Softtek
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