Emerging Market Suppliers: A Valuable Leverage for Risk Diversification

Tuesday December 01, 2009 - 12pm ET / by Everest Research Institute


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  • Executive Summary
  • Background: Risk Management Imperative in Global Sourcing Driving Global Delivery Networks
  • Increased Complexity in Global Sourcing Demand Profile Reinforces the Need for Global Networks
  • Increasing Relevance of Emerging Market Suppliers
  • Mexico - Softtek Company Profile
  • Conclusion
  • About Everest

The study by Everest examines six 'must-know' suppliers with roots in six growing markets: Brazil, Central and Eastern Europe, Israel, Mexico, Philippines and South Africa. Everest examines key emerging market suppliers that have achieved meaningful operating scale and, through investments in delivery capabilities and adopting industry best practices, are successfully serving Global 1000 corporations. Furthermore, these suppliers are no longer confined to their 'home' countries and have augmented their delivery footprints by adding additional onshore, nearshore or offshore locations.


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