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23% increase to customer lifetime value for global car manufacturer through Agile development and a digital CX strategy

Applying Agile methodologies and customer experience KPIs to develop a digital CX strategy that drives car sales.

About the customer

Among the top ten biggest automobile brands in the world, manufactures from economy cars to SUVs and EVs.

Global sales network, with 200+ dealerships regionally

40+ manufacturing plants worldwide

Presence in 20+ countries

5 million+ cars sold annually


Incorporating CX into our sales processes was essential, Softtek was the right partner to lead this critical transformation as their strategies and systems were focused on creating lasting benefits while immediately driving results.

Business challenges

Our client's buying processes were not integrated and there was no way to view individual clients' information across the value chain, causing friction and resulting in lost sales.


Customer Experience had to be enchanced to improve sales as CX represents 1/3 of overall opinion.


Customer perspective is shifting from products to experiences.


Measure results in terms customer equity value, not just short-term sales and profits.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek designed and implemented a customer-centric transformation of the client’s sales and marketing processes, focusing primarily on enabling digital channels to innovate and lead in the car buying experience.

Supported the definition of the CX strategy across all business areas.

Designed a unique customer experience.

Agile Development of high-impact quick wins in the customer journey.

Appointed a CX Office to lead the customer-centric transformation.

Group 385

Business impact

Softtek’s successful incorporation of strategy and customer-centric metrics led to effective management of CX and the customer lifecycle, which increased business opportunities and sales.

23% increase of the customer lifetime value.

Frictionless Customer Engagement with 360° customer view.

Omnichannel Customer Experience.

Targeted marketing improved business opportunities and sales.

Increase lead conversion rate.

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