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Global Logistics Operations Transforms Customer Delivery Experience

Business Continuity and IT Operational Savings enabled by Nearshore Managed Services.

About the customer

One of the top logistics companies worldwide.

$2.6M Net Revenue.

20,000+ Employees.

327,000+ Vehicles Fleets.

Operation Centers in 4 continents.

400+ locations worldwide.


Business challenges

The logistics company experienced tremendous growth, impacting its ability to maintain customer satisfaction and business continuity. The company needed a new approach to manage its customer support as well as IT and business operations to improve it’s services at a lower cost.


Numerous IT incidents impacting customers’ logistics solution.


Lack of reliability in business application ecosystem.


Critical need to prevent disruptions.


Reduce IT operation cost.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek took full responsibility for the customer’s logistic applications by supporting a complex IT infrastructure and creating a managed service model operating all applications and preventing disruption. The logistics company needed to become more agile in managing its customer satisfaction. Therefore, a centralized nearshore approach delivered around the clock customer support globally. The nearshore managed service approach filled the gaps and decreased time of response and costs with 24/7 monitoring service.

Performed assesment to understand business needs and tasks to complete.

Provided a managed service model with full accountability for the applications enviroment.

Executed a knowledge transfer without any operations disruption.

Implemented a centralized nearshore delivery model that supports global operations.

Digitalized all procedures that expedite the incident's resolution.

Group 385

Business impact


Customer Continuity asociated with logistics services.


Customer penalties for service interruption.


reduction on cost for application monitoring.


Monitoring and customer support provided.


major service interruptions.

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