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Global Logistics Company Improves Revenue and Customer Satisfaction through Digital Enablement

Softtek Helps World’s Top Delivery Company Increase Productivity through Automation.

About the customer

One of the top worldwide parcel delivery and logistics companies and with widest coverage.

more than 228 countries around the world.

stores in Mexico

freight vehicles across Mexico.

Ranked number 1 on performance index for call center.

Average of 17,000 calls each day.


By implementing DevOps best practices for our package deliverylifecycle, we have seen a dramatic improvement in our customerloyalty and speed of delivery, which in return has improved qualityand reduced cost.

VP of IT, Parcel and Logistics Company

Business challenges

The client had human resources processes scattered across different portals, resulting in lengthy and costly processes, as well as increased difficulty detecting errors that impact employee experience. A new application would integrate all portals into one, generating a new level of centralization and process quality maturity.


Identified an opportunity to develop and implement test automation standards and improve testing agility to accelerate the delivery of the new application.


Needed to increase the maturity of the QA process and enable new capabilities to centralize applications related to human resources.


imited testing processes impacted performance, resulting in a loss in marketshare.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek’s team evaluated how to use digitized services to improve productivity and reduce drop-off times. Establishing a 5 year roadmap, the partner outlined a delivery and drop-off process and optimized these practices by using Mexico operations as a pilot for self service kiosk functionality. The implementation of in-store technology (such as kiosks), customer experience surveys and data intelligence via dashboards that gather analytics, data and KPIs, all provide the company visibility into its current performance.

Developed a 5 year customer-centric roadmap and digital tran
and digital transformation plan for the Mexico retail operation.

Collected data and analytics on drop-off speed through implementation of self-service kiosks.

Monitored performance and KPIs through a dashboard using a customer experience survey strategy.

Defined a digital transformation strategy for all retail operations to meet company priorities.

Implemented information dashboards to provide current performance KPIs and forecast future shipments and sales.

Collected data and analytics on drop-off speed through implementation of self-service kiosks.

Group 385

Business impact


6% increase in revenue due to new digital enablement processes


Gained visibility into sales, shipments and forecasting through the implementation of in-store functionalities.


Increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand recognition.


Improved customer experience acknowledgement by using analytics from customer surveys


Reduced drop-on and delivery time.

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