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Global leader in wholesale pharmacy revamps its digital commerce

Softtek is helping the retailer to achieve its ambitious business plan by implementing a digital commerce strategy around the globe by 2021, starting in Latin America.

About the customer

Global leader in retail and wholesale pharmacy.

~ 450,000

425 +
distribution centers.

Operations in
25+ countries.

More than
21,000 stores
in 11 countries.


Business challenges

The client needed to enable its digital channel since they were selling through market places, which represented higher operational costs. They required an efficient logistics process with the dark store model to accelerate delivery times and fortify its last-mile delivery services with the two leading shipping carriers.


In need of own eCommerce site.


Poor demand generation; required a solid digital marketing strategy to improve the traffic in the site and improve conversion levels.


Lack of customer behavior analysis and poor performance of its digital channel.

How Softtek comes into play

After a bidding process, the client chose Softtek to implement an end-to-end digital sales services solution. Strategic services that included demand generation, eCommerce portal, last-mile services, and backend logistics, among other related services, helped the company to pass from Capex to Opex to reduce costs.

With the help of Softtek’s digital marketing consulting services the client improved SEO and social media activities to achieve its goal of exceeding 10% of the portal’s current conversion rate.

Softtek implemented an eCommerce platform covering the particular pharmacy scenarios, such as prescriptions, product specifications, medicines, and others required by the Chilean legislation to sell medicine through digital channels. The goal was to reach 10,000 monthly transactions.

Softtek implemented a store selection algorithm integrated with the client’s legacy systems, to execute the orders on the eCommerce portal. The service also considers integrating logistics providers selected by the client for last-mile delivery to achieve its goal of delivering merchandise the same day and with a maximum of 2 days difference.

Through Softtek’s smart commerce services, the client used five KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of the portal and customer journey (conversion funnel, journey analysis, product and shopping cart analysis).

Group 385

Business impact

The client expects to increase 20% the average ticket through up-selling and cross-selling strategies promoted in its eCommerce platform.

Net promoter score (customer satisfaction) over 10%

The client expects 10,000 monthly transactions and reduction of operational costs by 5%.

Goal of becoming the leader in digital commerce of their segment by 2021.

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