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There are more than 800 million users of digital health services worldwide

Healthcare organizations are facing unprecedented pressure to transform. Our services help public and private healthcare institutions maximize their efficiency, response times and telehealth maturity through data-centric digital solutions based on AI, automation and digital communication channels.

We help maximize the efficiency, responsiveness and fast adaptability model of public and private health institutions through specialized digital solutions.

Our data analytics, artificial intelligence, automation and digital service channels are supported by our innovation laboratories to enable remote medical consultation and continuous digital evolution of health institutions, positively impacting people's lives.

Accelerate adoption of new technologies to enable remote medical consultation
Trace medical records to improve and personalize patient experience
Create and enable new digital healthcare services
Automate and digitize processes to optimize IT costs
Enable financial control of your institution through technology




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Strengthen the digital customer journey
Digital partnerships
Process outsourcing
Reduce costs through digitalization and automation of processes
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Expand digital communication channels with patients
Accelerate the adoption of telemedicine

React, Recover & Grow with the right solutions

Softtek has created a series of solutions that can be implemented and deployed flexibly to tackle the challenges facing the healthcare industry.


Low-Touch Economy

Low-Touch Economy

Rapidly enable hybrid work models, while ensuring a safe return to the office.

  • Enable the remote workplace​
  • Collaborative integration of remote teams
  • Call center remoteization
  • Digital Passport for employee clearance and restriction management
  • Proactive digital comunication and crisis management
  • Prioritize employee safety


Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Swiftly improve your digital experience and enable new channels to interact with patients and partners. Deploy your omnichannel digital experience through our application and infrastructure management, agile development, and API management capabilities.

  • Demand generation
  • Customer experience design & engineering
  • e-Commerce platform and payment methods
  • Customer-care analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • Mobile-first approach
  • Quick capability and service integration
  • Software and solution testing


Industry Accelerators

Industry Accelerators

We offer accelerators, enablers, use cases, and pre-trained cognitive models geared towards the Healthcare industry.

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Application Development

Application Development

As the pioneer and largest provider of Nearshore development services, we build next generation applications using agile and DevOps, maximizing Onshore and Nearshore delivery to speed up roadmaps, team engagement and productivity goals.

  • Modern app development (µSvc, API, Mobile/Responsive, WCM, Cognitive APIs)
  • Application QA, testing and validation
  • Cognitive Testing Automation for Software & Apps
  • App design and development through Agile Pods onDemand
  • Minimize time-to-market

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ERP & Core

ERP & Core

Enable an intelligent, scalable, lean, and versatile platform. Softtek evolves legacy platforms to digital by establishing open platforms capable of sharing data and services for their use in commercial apps, relying on APIfication, BigData, Microservices, and AI.

  • SAP S/4 HANA for Healthcare
  • Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare
  • SAP Roadmap for Healthcare
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS
  • xHIS - EHR – EMR integration
  • Client Value Assessment


Process Automation

Process Automation

Automate business and operations processes that directly impact cost reduction, efficiency maximization and accelerate innovation in products and services.Softtek’s cognitive FRIDA automation services help solve complex problems using deep learning and related AI technologies to understand and process a wide variety of information, including video, photos, free-form text, voice, pdfs, scanned documents and other non-structured data.

  • Catalogue of bots preconfigured to healthcare processes
  • FRIDA Cognitive Automation
  • Business Automation as a Service

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Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence

Monitor the operational health of technology-enabled processes through the transparent integration of business information and technical KPIs.

  • Operational intelligence for critical business processes
  • Smart application performance monitoring
  • Quick implementation of financial dashboards
  • Advanced IT Operations (AMS & ITIS)
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • DIEGO Digitized Governance
  • Proactive performance monitoring
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Global 24x7 coverage
  • Application streamlining
  • Infrastructure management

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Business Analytics

Business Analytics

At Softtek, our solid industry experience and data & analysis capabilities guarantee that our clients will have quality information, along with the most advanced tools and commercial algorithms to enable agile decision-making and maximize the value derived from data.

  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Insights-as-a-Service
  • E2E Advanced Analytics
  • Machine Learning Capabilities

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Digital Acceleration Lab

Digital Acceleration Lab

Discover, create, and test digital capabilities with the potential to transform the Healthcare sector.

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How we are supporting our clients in the Healthcare sector

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Healthcare | Agile Software Development
How Softtek revamped a healthcare provider’s patient experience through Agile application development

Softtek enhanced front-end and back-end operations by streamlining processes that
affected patient access to healthcare and service quality.

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Healthcare | Application Management
Softtek Helps Global First Responder Company

Maximize MA&D benefits while supporting critical IT infrastructure.

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Physician services provider streamlines IT spend and contract and payment execution times with Softtek’s Smart Buy services

Smart Buy Services

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Top 5 Private Healthcare Provider

Modernizes Business Introducing Digital Services through Application Development.

Industry Accelerators


Digital Onboarding
Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence


Quickly and easily manage new client registrations using a mobile phone camera. No filling out forms or physical attendance required.

The solution uses biometric technology and AI application as measures to protect against fraud and guarantee regulatory compliance.


Remote “Alive Status” verification through voice


Remote “Alive Status” verification through voice

Many procedures and processes require the physical presence of a beneficiary to demonstrate that they are “alive,” which is why at-risk groups like older adults and retirees must stand in lines at care centers.

Combining biometric technology and AI for voice recognition, the solution allows clients to remotely validate their alive status using a simple and intuitive interface, even for users who are unfamiliar with digital media.

In this way, clients can remotely and safely carry out procedures while avoiding discomfort, risk and the need for intermediary assistance.


Preventive Analytics: Customer Churn


Preventive Analytics: Customer Churn

Customer turnover poses a permanent challenge to the sustainability of organizations in the health industry. High dropout rates are a serious problem and are directly correlated with loss of income and increased client acquisition spending.

Today we are using the full potential of Machine Learning and data mining to predict customer churn. How? Among other things, solutions based on these technologies make it possible to examine the past behavior of clients to determine what their future actions are likely to be, thus helping identify those at risk of “emigrating.”


Transactional Fraud Analysis and Prevention
Behavior Analysis


Transactional Fraud Analysis and Prevention

The need to quickly conduct procedures remotely reinforces the importance detecting transactional fraud and identity theft.

The solution is based on behavioral analysis, through what is called a “digital fingerprint,” which combined with AI models, allows the creation of dynamic patterns to identify potentially risky cases that create an alert when the transaction strays away from normal parameters.

The end user can even register exceptions and manage behavioral rules, helping create a “safe zone” with the end user’s custom specifications.

It’s implemented quickly, doesn’t require applications or plugins, and is completely omni-channel.

Organización gubernamental de Servicios de Salud en Latinoamérica

Latin American Governmental Health Services Organization
Digital Triage


A digital channel was implemented as a form of remote online interaction between clients and health services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The solution aims to respond quickly to changing needs during the various phases of the pandemic. It was implemented in record time through the “Continuous Everything” approach.

In addition to the Digital Triage process, the app includes general information of interest for clients such as clinic and authorized care center locations, digital delivery of prescriptions and shift management.


Social Listening for professional services company


Social Listening for professional services company

The application for Social Listening generates quantitative and qualitative information about the company’s mentions on social media.

It leverages an algorithm that collects data generated on networks related to how customers interact with services and brands. Using Cognitive services (Text Mining + Sentiment Analysis), dashboards are updated with real-time analytics with key information upon which to act.


Medical equipment tracking and preventative maintenance
Medical clinics group in LATAM


This solution integrates elements of the IoT (Internet of Things) for the acquisition and processing of geolocated data in closed and small spaces, with real-time analytics for equipment tracking and generating predictive models to optimize its use.

It can interact with any type of data and signal in a simple and effective way, and in this way meet needs in closed or small spaces, with precision down to the centimeter through the use of “beacons.”

The architecture of open APIs allows the integration of all types of data and signals, both analog and digital, creating a scalable base upon which to build and monetize new cloud-based operational capabilities based on IoT.


Medical equipment efficiency and preventative maintenance
Residential services in LATAM


The blauLabs platform has different modules (data analysis, reports, alarms, etc.) that allow for analytics, variable correlation and inter-area comparisons, based on available measurements which can be consulted from any internet-enabled device.

The solution is fully scalable, both in modules and in new sites or assets, so you can carry out an initial pilot that is limited to certain areas or data series without worrying about scaling it later. It also helps our clients comply with ISO 50001 standards.

We’ve helped our clients achieve energy efficiency by searching for savings. We begin with a study to identify the intervening energy sources (electricity, water, gas), then evaluate their current and historical consumption to understand the energy matrix of the plant. The areas, machinery or processes with the greatest consumption are then determined, allowing their future use and consumption to be estimated in order to make decisions.


Pharmaceutical Lab and Health Services in LATAM
Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant allows for the automation of daily processes while also obtaining valuable information from client conversation analysis.

The use of cognitive services such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) empowers the chatbot to converse in an intuitive and natural way.

One particularly innovative case involves the intelligent automation of Customer Care actions through sentiment analysis, which allows real-time scaling and the ability to switch immediately to human assistance when there’s a critical issue it cannot solve, or when it’s detected that client is experiencing discomfort or frustration.


Optical document reader and text extraction


The app uses a service that recognizes text and characters from images, photos and video, in real time, using only a mobile phone camera.

This allows the insurance agent to read and extract key information from documents, licenses and cards to facilitate processes like renewals or making a quote, without having to request or manually enter data.


“Smart reader” of paper documents to automate procedures
Health Services Organization


The app uses a service that recognizes text within video in real time, using only a mobile phone camera.

This function allows you to take data from a policy, certificate or form, simply scanning the paper and letting the app leverage Cognitive Automation to complete the rest of the process in seconds, without the need to manually enter data.


Social Distancing Monitoring
Attention to the public in Health Services


Through the application of Deep Learning models, the algorithm can identify people in real time and determine their distance from others and raising alarms upon detection of a value outside the defined thresholds.

Additionally, the model can monitor the amount of entries or departures to control a facility’s recommended capacity.

Advanced analytics collects this data and creates heat and density maps of the flow of people, allowing spaces to be redesigned to optimize their functionality and reduce risks.


Retail Customer Care and Health products
Apps with Augmented Reality


Softtek has developed a platform to deploy applications that leverage Augmented Reality to provide interactive information about objects at which a mobile phone camera is pointed.

One of the use cases relates to the need to avoid physical contact with products in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections.

Instead of grabbing medicine or medical products in a pharmacy to see the details written on the package, it can be obtained instantly using a mobile phone camera.

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