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How Digital Transformation Helped a Brokerage Firm Get Closer to Internal and External Partners

Softtek’s Cost-effective QA Managed Services Solution Assures Top-quality and Zero Defects.

About the customer

Global multinational risk management, insurance brokerage and advisory company.

in revenue


Presence in

Leading global advisory, broking and solutions company


Business challenges

The client had human resources processes scattered across different portals, resulting in lengthy and costly processes, as well as increased difficulty detecting errors that impact employee experience. A new application would integrate all portals into one, generating a new level of centralization and process quality maturity.


Identified an opportunity to develop and implement test automation standards and improve testing agility to accelerate the delivery of the new application.


Needed to increase the maturity of the QA process and enable new capabilities to centralize applications related to human resources.


Limited testing processes impacted performance, resulting in a loss inmarket share.

How Softtek comes into play

Through Softtek’s Enterprise Quality Management solution, our client improved their QA maturity level and accelerated through put. Softtek’s highly-skilled quality engineers and state of the art testing processes meant higher quality products delivered faster for less money.

Softtek’s nearshore delivery model maximized collaboration and accelerated the testing processes, reflecting an average improvement of close to 50% for the target metrics.

Softtek’s ‘First Time Right approach and the standarization of best practices reduced variation in quality by 99%+ and improved the client’s overall performance of testing services.

Test automation services implemented during the application development lifecycle enabled the release of new functionalities faster.

Identified application defects through the early involvement of our Quality Engineering professionals.

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Business impact

Saved money by reducing development times to fix issues in production, achieving a 0% production defect leakage

100% testing coverage increased quality levels, improved HR productivity and enhanced employee satisfaction

Softtek’s Automation-First mindset and supporting methodologies resulted in a 65% reduction in time spent on testing activities

Softtek’s Continuous Service Improvement methodology allowed the team to focus on innovation, and increased weekly savings by 5% through resource reallocation

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