Introduction and Benefits of the Team Software Process

Thursday December 09, 2010 - 12pm ET / Agustin de la Maza, Application Development Global Practice Manager, Softtek

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The Team Software ProcessSM (TSP) developed by the Software Engineering Institute has helped software development teams around the world to improve their quality and productivity. In the past years, Softtek has implemented the TSP for several outsourced software development projects and service contracts.

Agustin De La Maza, director of the Global Application Development Practice at Softtek, provides an overview of the Personal Software ProcessSM and the Team Software ProcessSM, describing the benefits that can be achieved by software development organizations and providing advice about the implementation strategy.

Key Topics

  • Introduction to the PSP and TSP
  • Benefits of using the TSP – providing value to business
  • How does the TSP work?
  • Relationship between the TSP and other software process and quality models (CMMi, Six Sigma)
  • Softtek’s experience using the TSP for outsourced application development contracts



Agustin De La Maza

Agustin De La Maza is director of the Global Application Development Practice at Softtek, where he leads the software process improvement and innovation initiatives across a network of Global Delivery Centers. Prior to becoming Global Practice Manager, De La Maza was the Director of Softtek’s Global Delivery Center located at Mexico City. During his 19-year career at Softtek, Agustin has served as Chief Solutions Architect, Senior Program Manager, Software Engineering Process Group Corporate Director, among others. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM CEM), where he was distinguished with the “Highest Award to Academic Excellence” (summa cum laude). De La Maza is a frequent speaker at academic, government and industry forums and was a keynote speaker for SEI in 2010.

Webinar: Introduction and Benefits of the Team Software Process
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