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IT Cost Optimization Services

Optimize IT functions and spending to fund critical initiatives.

Softtek helps technology organizations optimize their technology spend, free funds for innovation, and increase the productivity of IT investments, without sacrificing key capabilities or lowering the quality of services.

The best practices and processes to make IT leaner, productive and responsive

IT cost optimization approaches enable a review of all paths that lead to a leaner, more digital and modern organization, without sacrificing key business and technology capabilities:

Revisiting business priorities can uncover unneeded efforts
DevOps practices speed up productivity, slashing rework
RPA and AI dramatically boost efficiencies
Root cause analysis can permanently lower support efforts
Licenses, seats and hardware are often underutilized
Continuous improvement prevents waste from accumulating
A review of tasks vs seniority usually results in better use of talent
Data centers can be downsized as the journey to the Cloud advances
Unreliable applications are usually a big but hidden cost item
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Optimizing IT to free funds for digital business

Traditional cost cutting efforts can leave organizations ill equipped to advance their digital business initiatives, hampering their capacity to increase revenue, drive loyalty and gain market share. IT optimization services emphasize the evolution of digital capabilities while reducing costs.

With this approach, organizations can capitalize on new and emerging digital business models as they address the needs for efficiency or budget constraints.


IT optimization offerings and domains

Lower the cost of evolving applications and digital solutions, from inception to production.

Rationalize enterprise application licensing and support costs
As companies digitize, the applications and digital platforms become the core of the operations, and can rapidly consume a growing portion of all spending. Simplify the application portfolio, consolidate redundant applications, retire unused or low value applications and slash the cost of supporting and maintaining them, to make room for strategic software and projects.
ERP Consolidation Services
Technology Landscape Simplification
Software License Cost Optimization
Application Maintenance and Support
Improve the productivity and responsiveness of IT operations
The costs of day to day IT operations escalate rapidly, easily consuming over 60% of the budget. Implementing IT productivity improvement programs can rapidly bring significant savings to many functions, and free talent towards more strategic objectives. An intelligent IT operation component, once built, will continuously bring real-time insights and advanced automations, cutting support costs even further while dramatically improving operations.
IT Operations Productivity Improvement
Intelligent IT Operations
Move to the cloud and optimize cloud resources
Move to the cloud, and increase IT infrastructure availability, scalability and elasticity while optimizing its total cost of ownership through the selection, design, migration, orchestration and optimization of computing and storage resources provisioned in public, private and hybrid clouds.
Cloud Transformation Journey
Cloud Orchestration and Optimization
Cloud Adoption
Optimize hardware, data center, compute and telecom costs
Redesign and remodel data center facilities to accommodate decreasing on-premise infrastructure capacity requirements as a consequence of cloud adoption initiatives. Guarantee IT operations stability and reliability, while optimizing its TCO. Gain control of the telecom & cloud-related expenses, and provide infrastructure resource utilization recommendations, to drive down IT operational expenses.
IT Infrastructure Management
Cloud Adoption
Data Center optimization
Telecom Cost Optimization

What’s behind our
IT Cost Optimization services?

Softtek IT optimization is led by expert teams across 20 Centers of Excellence spanning towers and IT functions. They leverage Softtek's FRIDA and a growing library of automations and accelerators, enabling us to rapidly bring results as we collaborate with IT organization leaders to automate and shift the focus to digital initiatives.


Softtek IT optimizations services are currently being leveraged by organizations representing over $4 trillion in revenue and $1.5 trillion in assets, across five continents. Certainty, automation, agility and business-alignment underpin our approach to IT optimization, with our foundation always being on the scarcest of resources: the human element.

Our expert teams and underlying CoE infrastructure are led by senior subject matter experts. They continuously research and update our methods and best practices, and ensure flawless delivery of our services.

Software engineering and excellence in technology operations has been our core since we started in 1982. We believe in process excellence, and align our service with industry best practices, including Cobit, TMMi, ITIL or SAFe.CoEs-network


  • Digital Innovation Labs
  • Digital Transformation
  • RPA
  • Analytics & Data Science
  • Mobile & Interactive
  • API & Microservices
  • Architecture & BPM
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise IoT
  • Enterprise Agile
  • DevOps & SRE
  • Quality Engineering
  • Cloud
  • Digital Governance
  • Cyber Security

Our geographic footprint and Global Nearshore global presence-2 talent network allows us to source the right teams wherever it makes most sense for each engagement or function.


Our cognitive platform is embedded and powers our services, and is being used by hundreds of clients to speed up business & IT processes and tasks. Our Automation CoE is familiar with hundreds of automation tools and techniques and understands how to integrate and orchestrate them, ensuring visibility and consistency of the automated tasks.



We have a growing number of accelerators and enabling platforms that play a key role in IT optimization. Our enabler library can cut the time it takes for many critical tasks, from months to days. For example, our Click2Sync Cloud technology can orchestrate complex marketplace, eCommerce, fulfillment and backoffice tasks, or broker and integrate information from widely used Service Desk packages such as Service Now.



For complex or large scale operations, continuous alignment with ever changing business priorities is a must. Our DIEGO Digital Governance platform powers real-time metrics for the performance and business contribution of every aspect of the technology organization, driving visibility across strategic, executive, function-specific and operational levels.



We use a service design methodology to optimize costs and RightValueModelmaximize the value of every IT function. Softtek’s service design approach has six key components that we believe are essential to any successful customer relationship, project or engagement. The six key aspects are as follows:

Right-Governance: connect all services to 100% digitized business KPIs, visibility, continuous improvement and predictable services.

Right-Size: evolve talent towards an optimal-sized team with the right skill mix to meet business objectives.

Right-Place: make optimal work-allocation decisions driven by performance, regulation, geopolitical and risk mitigation factors.

Right-Execution: continuously improve outcomes and operational health during every service lifecycle.

Right-Quality: business performance drives quality metrics, adjusting SLAs to match needs, and not the other way around.

Right-Culture: foster a culture that rewards action-oriented behaviors.



Explore how we are helping global organizations with IT Optimization

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Discover new, better optimization paths.

IT executives are constantly looking for ways to optimize work, increase productivity and cut costs. These range from adopting a global sourcing model or revisiting function performance and business demands. However, we conduct hundreds of assessments, and are often surprised to have so many unexplored optimization paths.

Schedule a call with one of our experts to learn more about how it’s done. We’ll share an overview of how the address digital transformation needs while radically optimizing costs and performance.

Digital Commerce Radar

June 2020 edition

We regularly update our commerce radar, a simple list of established and up and coming platforms and options for Digital Commerce, to keep track of the evolving landscape. It can be useful to identify new technologies, platforms, functionality and trends by following what’s new and what’s working.

While we mostly use this radar for ourselves, we’ve had been asked to share a few times and decided to make it available for anyone interested.


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