Mexico as a Nearshore Destination

Tuesday March 01, 2005 - 11pm ET / By Softtek


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  • View of the Global Outsourcing Market for IT Professional Services
  • Mexico as a Global Outsourcing Services Destination
  • Value of Mexico Near Shore for IT Outsourcing Services
  • World Class Quality
  • Low Risk and Convenience
  • Cost Efficient
  • References


As part of its March 2003 report “Mexican Nearshore Outsourcing: A Promising Global Sourcing Alternative”, Forrester Research published “Companies interested in the cost and quality benefits of offshore labor, but which require a closer, less risky solution should strongly consider Mexico as an important nearshore option”.

Two years since that report was published, Mexico presents itself with a unique value proposition for US corporations that is based on convenience, lower risk and an
unbeatable Total Cost per Engagement. Outsourcing companies based in Mexico,
like Softtek, comply with the highest standards in terms of security, quality and dependability.

When talking about Global Outsourcing, Mexico, with its Near Shore® approach, is
positioned in a completely different playing field for global outsourcing. Mexico based
companies set aside from the plethora of India based vendors, followed by newcomers from China and Russia.

Mexico’s Near Shore® value proposition is based on world-class services, low risk
outsourcing, convenience and cost effectiveness.

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