IT Services Vendors Solutions Spectrum – Softtek Profile

Monday March 01, 2010 - 12pm ET / by Jeff Goldberg and Karen Monks, Celent


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  • Executive Summary
  • IT Service Categories
  • Methodologies
  • About the Profiles
  • Softtek
  • Conclusion
  • Leveraging Celent's Expertise
  • Related Celent Research

IT service vendors have become an integral part of the insurance landscape; even the most self-reliant insurers with expert IT organizations have some experience with an IT partner. In this report, Celent looks to provide a guide that analyzes a wide cross-section of IT vendors and functions with varying their sizes, skills, and focus. Nearly all of companies that Celent considers to be the top tier of insurance providers are included in the report’s 35 representative firms. This reprint was prepared specifically for Softtek; however, the analysis presented has not been changed from that of the original in the full report.


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