Using the COVID-19 Cost-Cutting Imperative to Realize your Digital Ambition

The Aikido approach to Digital Transformation
FEATURING: Anja A. Allen, Principal at Ernst & Young | Shafqat Azim, ISG Partner, Digital Strategy and Solutions



For many companies, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the need to immediately and drastically reduce costs. Cost reduction is always perceived as a drastic step in organizations, akin to a threat or attack on existing operations. Aikido is a martial art that uses the attacker’s momentum to defend oneself. The Aikido approach to Digital Transformation is understanding that cost-cutting and transformation are critical components of the same modernization journey. Technologies such as RPA, AI, Machine Learning, Microservice Architectures, Low Code/No Code development platforms and the Cloud can be used to achieve unprecedented cost savings while strengthening the position of the organization.

In this webinar we will discuss some common, yet often flawed defense techniques that have dominated the IT cost optimization argument for decades. We call them “False Shields”, and we’ll show you how to identify them, and how to start thinking in terms of “Aikido Transformations”, resulting in rapid reduction in costs while accelerating and strengthening your digital transformation.

The “False Shields” that derail lasting savings and true modernization include:

Spreadsheet-mandated 45% cost out strategies
The notion that paying $10/hour for something that should cost $50/hour is a good thing
The Lipstick Evolution (resulting in enormous tech debt)
30% off through vendor “concession” deals
Mess for less megadeals
Trojan Horse “savings” (i.e., pay per ticket vs. zero defect)

In this session we will explore the best ways to avoid these Faux Shields and focus
on techniques for cutting costs and achieving your digital transformation.