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Leading automotive supplier accelerates M&A efficiencies through SAP integration

SAP implementation enables transparent transition, generating savings and aligning operations to meet business demand.

About the customer

Global automotive supplier.


Presence in
12 countries


fixed assets


Business challenges

The client required swift integration of a recently acquired plant in order to appropriately support business operations and reduce high costs caused by an outdated technology ecosystem.


Lack of visibility of new acquisition’s operations.


High degree of customization employed to overcome operational gaps.


Must expedite merge & acquisition to materialize business goals.


Need to deploy standardized processes to enable visibility of global operations.


Imperative to achieve substantial cost reductions through process standardization.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek provided SAP rollout integration across business areas, complying with local regulations and enabling a transparent transition towards new operating processes.

SAP rollout integration for: financial and controlling processes, asset and materials management, quality and manufacturing processes.

Full compliance with local regulations and specific requirements, including tax requirements, import and export, government financial reports, etc.

Day-to-day visibility of business performance, facilitating a proactive management approach.

Group 385

Business impact

Softtek helped the client rapidly integrate a new plant’s operations into their own, achieving more efficient operations that meet increased production volumes easily, optimized costs, and improved system and infrastructure reliability.

Smooth and timely integration of acquired plant to global operations

Additional savings generated by optimizing process integration

Improved plants capacity to respond to larger demand volume

Real-time visibility of financial and operations information

Implemented reliable and efficient technology ecosystem to support business operation

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