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Enabling commercial application continuity through optimized IT infrastructure services

Enhancing a leading energy provider´s efficiencies through IT infrastructure optimization and AMS.

About the customer

Leading energy technology company.

Part of a global Engineering Conglomerate.

200,000+ employees across business segments.

30% manages 30% of world's energy.


Business challenges

The client was no longer able to meet business demands throught its current IT service model, they required a swift restructuring of their service model that ensured the reliability of core IT infrastructure, improved communication with customers, and facilitated internal communications.


Current service model provided unreliable support to business operations.


Processes and communication within teams and with customers were not optimized.


Required a scalable IT service model to meet business demands.


Absolutely necessary to ensure the operative reliability of core applications through restructuring.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek successfully supported, and in some cases automated, commercial and customer-facing applications and infrastructure by implementing standards of excellence for IT services and support and establishing continuous monitoring.

Establishment Real time monitoring Provided top of the line support to applications from multiple business areas that have a customer facing component.

Enablement of full control Met availability SLA's (95%).

Measurement of relevant data points Implemented continuous Infra-monitoring.

Implementation of a Mainteinance and support Methodology Provided custom support to applications.

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Business impact

Through Softtek’s best-practice consolidation of app and infrastructure support, the client was able to scale its IT service model to meet business demands while optimizing processes and costs.

No impact on revenue from application disruptions.

Alerts from critical applications attended in record time.

Properly orchestrated releases improved application reliability and end customer satisfaction.

Successful robotic process Automation for IT Infrastructure & Applications.

YoY cost reduction through Softtek's service optimization and productivity leverage.

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