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Improving Business Operations and Customer Satisfaction through a Managed Service Model

Softtek helps a leading equipment manufacturer optimize costs, stabilize operations, and enhance customer satisfaction by consolidating and transforming technology services.

About the customer

One of the world’s leading diversified manufacturers of specialized industrial equipment, consumables, and related service businesses.


Operations in
55 countries

14 Billion+
USD revenue

100 years
of business success


Business challenges

The client began suffering from frequent IT service and infrastructure disruptions. The instability of their IT environments caused a general lack of visibility of internal processes, and compromise the reception and completion of customer requirements—leading to a loss of market share and revenue.


Initial IT services and infrastructure were not adequately supporting business processes, and were majorly impacting the operations of all business areas as frequently as every week.


Lack of IT processes to manage IT assets.


Aligment with best of industry standards for optimal operational performance.


Standardize a support model for IT operations that maintains business continuity. Stabilize the core processes of the company to allow the communication with clients and suppliers.


Comprehensive IT services while providing a continuous improvement across technologies.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek consolidated the client’s technology services and transitioned them to a managed service delivery model, carrying out day-to-day operation support and project execution across business units to fulfill customer expectations.

Provided IT support of a core business functions, incluiding sales, manufacturing distribution and logistics.

Replaced previous IT vendor by providing IT outsourcing support of main technology ecosystem elements.

Improved business operations by stabilizing and enhancing IT infrastructure.

Implemented an IT Security strategy that fulfilled corporate directives.

Applied the ITIL framework and IT best practices for infrastructure, service desk, applications and project management.

Group 385

Business impact

Softtek’s support and stabilization of core business functions helped facilitate communication with clients and suppliers, eliminate disruptions to operations, and generate savings.

Stabilized operations, reducing logistics delays and speeding up order processing

Optimized business processes such as order processing, warehouse management, and order tracking

Eliminated loss of customer orders, representing a200,000+ USD annual gain

Implemented SLA-based IT operations

Carried out vendor consolidation, resulting in $20,000 savings in consulting expenses to third parties

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