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Leading Telecom Firm Enhances Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction through Enterprise IoT

Softtek’s Real-time Remote Monitoring and Alerts Help Stabilize Network Performance across Data Centers.

About the customer

One of the biggest global telecommunication leaders.

Fortune 500

Serves around 20%
of the mexican market.

19 million
service subscribers in Mexico.


Sales exceed US $2.8B


Business challenges

To ensure service continuity and customer satisfaction, the client needed to eliminate network interruptions that were caused by electromechanical equipment failure.


Need for real-time monitoring of 32,000 electromechanical devices across 26 datacenters.


Inability to anticipate anomalies that impact the quality of services provided to customers.


Must comply with internal and government regulations.


Have reliable indicators to pinpoint factors that lead to service interruptions.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek implemented blauLabs Enterprise IoT solution to monitor 26 data centers, optimizing operating times and increasing business productivity by identifying failures and providing visibility to prevent them with remediation plans

Homologation and 24/7 support of all data centers in the country represented important savings and more agile responses to the client.

Provided necessary instrumentation, installation and configuration of IT infrastructure to manage shifting generator loads while enabling real-time multiprotocol and multiplatform connectivity

Implemented a SCADA view module and alert system to enable remote asset monitoring and programming, and real-time KPI visualization, which helped minimize the numer of manual tasks.

Integrated a change capacity simulator for data centers, reducing planning time for new projects.

Group 385

Business impact

Softtek successfully consolidated recent acquisiton services and operating practices, helping the client perceive M&A efficiencies earlier and reduce application service costs.


50%+ reduction in preventive maintenance costs.

Insights & Data

80%+ saving in mobility cost for people.


50%+ reduction of insurance and bonds associated with asset management.


‘30%+ productivity increase as a result of manual tasks reduction.

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