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Luxury Hotel Chain saves $4M in utility consumption with blauLabs

Softtek helps company understand consumption patterns globally.

About the customer

Leading luxury spanish hotel and restaurant chain.

hotels & restaurants globally


Offering 3 hotel
subbrands to the hotel chains

Over 100 years
of experience


Through the information that sensors send to the blauLabs cloud, the graphs of power consumption points are displayed. With this information, we were able to save excessive consumption and reduce the waste of electricity.

SVP, IT, Luxury Hotel Chain

Business challenges

A Spanish chain of luxury hotels saw the need to manage its energy consumption on a large scale to create sustainability and be able to be friendly with the environment and generate savings in spending. The lack of knowledge of the companies in the high consumption of energy services in all the properties had become a very expensive expense, in such a way that they had to make visible where they had those greater consumption and at what time of day, in order to take action and reduce the economic impact.


Lack of tracking of energy consumption for all hotels and restaurants.


Inefficient use and consumption of energy throughout properties.


Incompliant with federal and local regulatory standards.


Reduce cost associated with energy wasted.

How Softtek comes into play

Within 10 weeks, Softtek successfully implemented a multi-stage IoT solution, blauLabs, across all hotels to optimize the efficiency and sustainability of the companies utility use. By developing connectors to monitor the consumption of electricity, gas, and water at each property and integrating the hotel reservations and weather stations, the luxury hotel chain was able to analayze data and identify correlations between utility usage and the climate, providing optimal efficency.

Implemented blauLabs, multistage IoT solution across all properities.

Developed the technology and connectors to various utility consumption meters including electric, water and gas.

Integrated the weather stations and hotel reservation system to identify correlations.

Analayzed and provided benchmarks to utilities to provide optimial efficiency.

10 week implementation process.

Group 385

Business impact

Softtek’s blauLabs solution provided the company with a ROI within a year time. Through the enablement of blauLabs, industry best-practices, and maximizing efficiency and scalability, the company was now able to drive business improvements and maximize utility usage to reduce cost and consumption waste.

$4M+ savings in utility consumption.

6% reduction in energy usage.

Predictive analytic tools to determine cost and consumption of utilities.

ROI within 1 year.

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