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One of the Major North American Bank improved CX by eliminating redundant client records by 30%

Softtek helped improve customer experience & Business Process platforms through an Intelligent Digitization & Automation Framework.

About the customer

Bank dedicated to developing innovative financial products and services for private clients, small and medium enterprises, and corporations around the world.

Major North American Bank


countries around the world


Business challenges

Bank needed to improve retention & customer acquisition rates through enhanced customer experience.


Manage +192k daily contacts processes including redundant contacts.


Improve customer status consolidation for product offerings (Process takes >2 days).


Orchestration of multiple outsourced contact centers running marketing campaigns.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek created the concept of the Integration and Digital Transformation Center to enable the bank to build and evolve its digital platform faster than its competitors.

Eficiency of CRM Functions and optimization of Marketing Operations.

Process Improvement Focus.

Agile Implementation.

Apply automation technology.

SaaS on premiere or hybrid operation.

Coverage on the 2nd most important region globally.

POC -implementation

Group 385

Business impact

Softtek improved bank’s Business Process platforms using a Digitization & Automation approach and leveraging FRIDA®, our proprietary AI Platform.

Improved customer experience by eliminating ~30% contact redundancy

Optimized 10-minute customer status update vs >2 days

Risk reduction by avoiding over-granting of credit due to redundant contact

Improve recruitment ROI campaigns

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