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Regional Bank leverages QA to improve digital customer experience & expand client base

Softtek Test Automation services help release convenient, user-friendly apps to deliver an innovative user experience.

About the customer

Major US Regional Bank that provides a broad range of consumer and commercial banking products, from small clients to large corporations.


total equity capital

total registered digital retail users


Business challenges

Our client needed to engage a younger customer segment in order to ensure their long-term business objectives. Delivering an innovative digital experience was a key component of this strategy.


Digital transformation of their online retail banking platform (mobile & web).


Necessary to redesign their mobile banking solution (native apps: iOS & Android).


Digital banking platforms required adjustments to improve transaction security.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek designed an automated testing solution that helped improve digital customer.


Next-Gen QA function with a restructured team with Softtek as a partner.

Mature PMO unit to size all projects including QA requirements.

Automated Testing implementation was a must for the success of the program:
• Complex mobile ecosystem
• Constant changes in OS versions
• Continuous validation in a wide variety of devices & platforms

Group 385

Business impact

Softtek improved this financial institution’s customer experience and allowed them to capture a new market segment by implementing automated testing & next-gen QA functionalities through an Agile Delivery Capability model.

Improved CX

through a new QA model that helped release convenient and user-friendly applications

0 Defects in Production

(Severity 1 & 2)

Revitalize & Capture New Customers

through a Digital Transformation Journey

Bank´s Repositioning

as a digital champion

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