Brinker International
Global Restaurant Chain

Brinker International engaged Softtek to implement a digital solution for managing franchise operations of Chili’s restaurants. The objective was to modernize existing platforms, enhance global marketing capabilities and integrate digital experiences, allowing restaurants to deliver a consistency, personalization and quality. Through a hub-and-spoke platform, the solution centralizes marketing assets and data collection for its 375 restaurants in 35 countries, while allowing global franchisees to deliver a consistent yet personalized and relevant dining experience.


Unintegrated systems, technology platforms, databases and software & hardware.
Isolated digital experiences; varied franchisee expertise
Wide range of pricing between franchisees; long process to launch


Digital integration of all marketing tools and platforms
Global digital asset management
Global digital asset management; sales and usage analytics
Customer management thru automation marketing
Customer management thru automation marketing, rewards and loyalty
Wi-Fi and social in-store services
Wi-Fi and social in-store services
Franchise portal for campaigns and content management
Franchise portal for campaigns and content management
Mobile web, promotions and social; online ordering
Mobile web, promotions and social; online ordering


Brinker and Softtek collaborated to develop and implement a cross-functional, cloud-based solution that enables global oversight and standardization of the guest experience, while allowing flexibility to accommodate local language and cultural requirements. The result: increased customer loyalty and enhanced marketing through relevant insights and data analytics.



customer loyalty


standardized digital guest experience


Marketing Powerhouse


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guest records globally


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