Mexico: Neighbors, NAFTA and Nearshore Opportunities

Thursday September 22, 2011 - 02pm ET / SIG

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SIG_Anniversary_Logo Are you sourcing from Mexico or thinking about it?

Mexico is the second largest purchaser of US goods and services ($163.3 Billion in 2010), as well as the second largest supplier of goods for the US ($229.7 Billion in 2010).

Since NAFTA entered into force, linking a market of 450 million people that accounts for $17 trillion worth of goods and services produced, trade between the United States and Mexico has soared.

NAFTA expert Karen Antebi, economic counselor for Mexico Ministry of Economy, delves into the latest information and statistics regarding Mexico and US trade relations and the role of NAFTA.

Key Topics:

  • Importance of NAFTA
  • How does Mexico fare post economic crisis?
  • Mexico is a strategic partner of the US
  • Sea change for Mexico under NAFTA
  • Challenges and the road ahead
Webinar: Mexico: Neighbors, NAFTA and Nearshore Opportunities
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