Mind the Offshore Gap

Thursday May 01, 2008 - 12pm ET / By Softtek


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  • The Changing Dynamics of Outsourcing
  • Sizing Up the Offshore Gap
  • Matching the Outsourcing Model to the Work
  • The Benefits of Balance


Leading companies are embracing a new generation of global outsourcing, one that involves a multisourced approach with different providers from various locations, as well as a combination of models including offshore, onshore and nearshore. This idea, called “multicountry sourcing” provides a balanced outsourcing strategy that further evolves outsourcing from a strictly cost-savings initiative to a practice that enables business agility, innovation and competitive advantage.

This white paper addresses the emerging shift and outlines why it’s necessary to move away from offshore-only sourcing strategies based in a single country or region, to a more diversified sourcing strategy that leverages networked global delivery centers. By adopting a multisourcing strategy, global companies can take advantage of what each geographic region offers in terms of talent and proximity while mitigating the political and economic risks involved when outsourcing to a single country. Effectively blending offshore, nearshore and onshore resources in a diversified sourcing strategy also enables global companies to obtain high-performing global service delivery with lower risk than an offshore-only or single-country strategy.

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