Mobile Application Security Challenges

Friday April 15, 2011 - 12pm ET / Aldo Salas


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  • Web app vs. mobile Web app
  • Security on mobile Web applications
  • Mobile Web security for developers
  • Non-Web approach
  • Security testing
  • So what’s the best option?
  • Conclusion
Technology is not just a luxury in our daily lives; it has become a necessity. From new car models to cutting-edge cell phones, we see that each day we’re able to do more and more. It all started with making and receiving calls—the ability to communicate using your voice without a wire. But today’s cell phones are no longer considered just call-making devices; they are being referred to as smartphones due to their number of capabilities and features. And precisely those features are what have caught the attention of the bad guys. This white paper will discuss the main challenges every company faces when trying to deliver content to mobile users, i.e.: smartphones.
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