Nearshore goes Global

Thursday March 01, 2007 - 12pm ET / by Softtek


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  • Nearshore 1.0
  • Market drivers for Nearshore 2.0
  • Nearshore 2.0 Defined
  • Summary

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Over the last two decades we have seen the offshore outsourcing market evolving from offering cost savings to serving as an enabler for business competitiveness, transformation and growth. We have also witnessed how sophisticated buyers are looking for a new generation of global outsourcing services that aim for operational effectiveness, high collaboration, risk mitigation and innovation. Our role at Softtek has been to proactively participate with our clients in this progression and transform the nearshore model accordingly. This document delineates our vision for the next wave, which we have codenamed Nearshore 2.0.


What is Nearshore?

The concept of nearshore was first coined by Softtek in the late 90’s as we began to do work with our first U.S. clients. The concept began to gain ground during 2002-2003 as Softtek and Mexican government began marketing the concept more aggressively. The broad market now identifies nearshore with primarily Canada and Mexico for the U.S. market. The term has also now evolved to describe any outsourcing location “near” its primary market (i.e. Eastern European countries to Western European Countries).

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