Nearshore Goes Global - 2011 Revised Edition

Tuesday April 26, 2011 - 12pm ET / Softtek

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  • Nearshore 1.0
  • Market drivers for Nearshore 2.0
  • Nearshore 2.0 Defined
  • Summary


Fifteen years of Nearshore
We are celebrating. As part of the celebration we decided to look at some of our materials, and validate our vision. This white paper was originally published in March 2007. We thought it was a good idea to review the original material and adapt our view, as well as our predictions, hits and misses. We left the original content on the left and added comments in a smaller italic font to the right, so that we can see how trends and our perspectives from then match up to what’s going on now. It was a fun exercise, and we hope you find it useful.

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White paper: Nearshore Goes Global - 2011 Revised Edition
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