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Profitability growth enablement through Outsourcing IT Services

One of the Largest non-alcoholic worldwide bottlers with an agressive corporate goal to duplicate profitability every 5 years, needed to ensure alignment with industry best practices for Infrastructure Services to support global expansion of operations.

About the customer

One of the largest non-alcoholic worldwide bottlers with plants and distribution centers in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, and the United States.

+60,000 Employees Globally

50 Production Centers (Plants) globally

+370 distribution centers

Serves >70 manufacturing facilities


The consolidation of infrastructure services will allow our Company to optimize IT expenses throughout acquisitions, while leveraging current operations and achieving the planned synergies

Chief Information Officer

Business challenges

Due to expansion into additional global markets in Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, and the US, the company needed a robust and resilient IT infrastructure to support the expanded global operation.


Carry out a Data Center Migration without causing a negative business impact


Establish a new IT support model that allows for greater flexibility and responsiveness in support of Global business.


Standardize a support model internationally in countries where the company operates.

How Softtek comes into play

During the expansion of their business, Softtek successfully performed the infrastructure integration of new countries, such as Peru and U.S., and enabled its IT environment to accommodate the rapid adoption of new technologies in response to business needs.

Full assesment of technological ecosystem, with a focus on performance and user experience

Use domain-driven infrastructure design to mirror the business structure

Set-up and operation of a centralized Operations Center for infrastructure monitoring

Full and smooth transition from previous incumbent vendor in only three months

Data Center Migration in less than 20hrs, coordinating over 120 resources from different vendors and suppliers

Group 385

Business impact

Softtek was able to implement a Data Center Migration without any business impact and deliver an Integral Command Center for Infrastructure monitoring, ensuring annual savings based on operational efficiencies and quality platform practices.


Financial savings for increased device volumes for up to 10% vs Last Year without additional charge.


of global operation availability through the infrastructure platform


of critical incident volume reduction in the first year.


YoY savings achieved through operational efficiencies compared with previous vendor.

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