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Retailer modernizes its eCommerce platform to accelerate topline growth and retain customers

Softtek implements a solution to dramatically improve customers’ online shopping experience.

About the customer

Office product & solutions leader in the USA and Canada.

B2B office supply leader in North America.

Annual revenue: 17B USD.

+45,000 employees.

+1,300 stores in North America.


Softtek showed great teamwork, and I appreciate everyone’s individual effort to make another customer happy.


Business challenges

During peak season the client identified an inconsistency between the orders placed and the items in stock, which negatively impacted customer satisfaction and led to a loss in revenue and market share.


Low sales conversion from online commerce.


Excessive calls to the application server presented order entry performance issues.


Operation stability was at risk due to legacy technology in use.


Lack of a scalable and test-friendly platform.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek enabled an immediate in-stock shipping solution and implemented an automatic shipping hold for out-of-stock items service to release the products as they are restocked.

Improved the server performance by retrieving only the necesary information and showing the correct delivery options in the shopping card.

The Company now uses modern and easy-to-use frameworks.

Unit testing for the front end is implemented with Angular, which ensures that developed application is working as expected and is easier to modify or argument as needed.

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Business impact

Through Softtek's solution, the client was able to offer more shopping options to their clients in peak season.

Cancelled orders were reduced by 5%.

The number of orders placed due to new delivery options increased.

Customer satisfaction and overall revenue were positively impacted by platform improvements.

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