Global Hotel Chain

Increasingly loyalty is critical for hotel chains – and even the slightest glitch in service can alienate a customer. A well-known global hospitality organization needed to improve its reservation and account management systems to meet demands for a seamless and intimate guest experience.  Hotel systems were also experiencing Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, which were preventing customers from logging on to their accounts. Softtek was engaged to develop a platform to enhance guest engagement by enabling a uniform experience across different devices, and to ensure secure access to account information.


Inconsistent customer experience from device to device
Difficult for customers to access loyalty programs
Lack of account management hindering sale
Reservation system and account sign-in page vulnerable to DOS attacks


Implementation of Angular web framework
Port all data and enrollment forms to new responsive Mobile First web platform
Standardize access to data from any device
reCAPTCHA development tool deployed to prevent bot attacks


Softtek’s account management solution standardized the user interface to the hotel’s reservation system, enabling a consistent, high-quality experience, optimization of loyalty systems and  easy access to accounts. Softtek also addressed the security issues hindering access to reservation systems and account information. 


1 Billion

Revenue generated through new app



Visits surpassed desktop for first time



Competitiveness through access to loyalty programs


Log-in page – DOS attacks prevented