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Quality Engineering Services

Improve End User Experience by Releasing New & Enhanced Functionality Faster and with Higher Quality.

Softtek helps organizations implement and embrace Quality Engineering best practices, increase test maturity and boost test automation coverage to confidently develop and release applications and platforms into production or out to market faster.

Mature Test Processes Combined with State-of-the Art Tools to Transform your Quality Assurance Function

Today's challenges require organizations to adapt constantly to produce sustainable quality products that meet dynamic market expectations. To compete, companies need faster release cycle times, lower costs and best-in-class user experience.

Increased test maturity combined with intelligent test automation allows companies to move from defect detection to defect prevention, translating to a leaner, faster and more effective software development lifecycle and drastically improved product quality.

With more than 2,500 Quality Engineering professionals in our Global Nearshore network, we bring high-demand skills across QA, automation, continuous testing, DevOps and Agile to clients around the world in all industries.


Higher maturity levels: Shift left at the core of our philosophy
Closer collaboration teams: Nearshore Agile testing teams with optimal communication and quick delivery
Faster releases with continuous testing and DevOps enabled
Intelligent test automation to boost productivity and reduce testing efforts
Break through enterprise barriers: Quality Engineering fully aligned with development


Softtek offers a comprehensive set of innovative testing services to ensure high quality products.

Test Transformation


Test Transformation

Comprehensive test assessments generating recommendations and strategy to improve your organization's testing maturity level and deliver associated benefits (e.g., better product quality, lower costs, improved time-to-market).

Test Automation


Test Automation

Frameworks, tools and best practices to enable test automation, continuous testing and DevOps for your web, mobile, desktop, ERP and even mainframe applications.

Functional Testing


Functional Testing

Combines proven mature testing methodologies with industry specific expertise to improve quality in Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid product development.

Performance Testing


Performance Testing

Ensure your applications' reliability, scalability and user experience with Load, Stress and Performance testing services that start with a Shift Left philosophy.

Cognitive Test Automation


Cognitive Test Automation

Softtek's Cognitive Testing Solution leverages AI technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and analytics to significantly reduce human testing effort in the development lifecycle.

Specialized Testing


Specialized Testing


AI Systems

Edge and IoT ecosystems

Big Data Applications


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Digital Commerce Radar

June 2020 edition

We regularly update our commerce radar, a simple list of established and up and coming platforms and options for Digital Commerce, to keep track of the evolving landscape. It can be useful to identify new technologies, platforms, functionality and trends by following what’s new and what’s working.

While we mostly use this radar for ourselves, we’ve had been asked to share a few times and decided to make it available for anyone interested.


Let me know when this is updated