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Three most loved restaurant brands’ journey to the cloud

Softtek IT operations enabled a smooth on-premise to cloud migration, leveraging the flexibility, scalability and agility for future business growth.

About the customer

Multinational, fast-food holding company, home to some of the most loved franchises in the world. Established in 2014, it operates more than 27,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries.

Always in the look of new compatible brands to be added to the portfolio.

$32 Billion
billion annual system wide sales.

Present in
restaurants, 99.5% owned by franchisees.

of guests served daily.

North America
represents top region in the world for sales.


Business challenges

The company operated legacy infrastructure and had come to a point in which it needed a hardware refresh, costing millions and locking it in for the next 3 years, or, a commitment to embrace a comprehensive journey to the cloud. The client wanted to reduce operational disruptions, as well make cloud-based the future approach of the company, finding new digital ways to engage with millions of guests.


Increase agility to keep pace with business needs and support growth.


No internal expertise to pursue critical business initiatives.


Reduce huge CAPEX expense to continue delivering service asis due to hardware end of life.


Becoming digital, leveraging technology to enhance guest experience.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek was already supporting the corporate application and infrastructure environment for RBI and helped on the merger and acquisition of all the brands from the IT standpoint.

Deep business knowledge leveraged since 2013.

Softtek’s Cloud Center of Excellence enabled the use of new technologies to transform the current environment.

A new team was engaged to fulfill the project, using best practices and adhering to RBI’s processes.

Group 385

Business impact

Increased efficiency, redundancy, scalability, resilience, and cost optimization by using cloud services.

Full leverage of the ITfunctionality at a “pay-bythe-drink” basis.

Roadmap is set to innovate at high speeds without huge CAPEX and 3rd party delays.

Sustained security and compliance risk by following best practices and having a constant assessment of the environment ata code level vs physical infrastructure.

Ended dependency on physical datacenter space, hardware and support.

Reduced 35% of Opex cost due to vendor, maintenance and support reduction.

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