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Disruption in Quick Service Restaurant Industry Demands Transformation and Digital Innovation

By partnering with Softtek, leading restaurant company optimizes technology operations and builds reliable platforms, reducing guest friction.

About the customer

Iconic quick service restaurant owning three of the world’s most prominent brands.

of three of the world’s most iconic brands.

system-wide sales.

restaurants in 100+ countries.


team members.


Business challenges

Multinational quick service restaurant company required to have robust, secure, and scalable corporate systems, with well defined global restaurant technology standards and rich data insights to enable company growth and franchisee profitability; delivered through a lean and optimized IT operations model.


Inefficient IT organization and multi-vendor outsourcing model was driving high IT operations costs.


Multiple datacenters and underutilized on premise hardware required significant maintenance investments.


Technical debt was preventing company from acquiring and integrating other QSR brands.


Minimal visibility into technology issues at the restaurants, impacting overall guest experience.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek implemented an integrated, cost-effective, end-to-end IT operations model, built on ITIL best practices, continous process improvement and automation (AIOps and RPA), capturing significant year-over-year savings.

Right-sized and right-placed Applications and IT Infrastructure support organization leveraging Softtek’s Global Nearshore® Model, aligned to client’s business demand in North America, LatinAmerica, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Consolidated and migrated data centers to AWS Cloud without disruption to business.

Developed M&A IT execution, testing and validation playbook, including ERP, datacenter, BI and payroll to streamline, consolidate, and deliver company-wide consistency that enabled rapid new brand integration.

Creates a centralized monitoring platform for all technology platforms in the restaurants to enable proactive identification of systemic issues.

Group 385

Business impact


40% IT operations cost reduction.

Insights & Data

Corporate and restaurant technology availability and reliability of 99.95%


75% reduction in data center footprint.


Integrated 2 QSR brands into parent company in record time.


Enabled rapid new brand integration with M&A development.

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