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Global Financial Group reduces TCO with Agile application development

Improve business KPIs for market and revenue growth through a new mobile application.

About the customer

Remittance service provider, subsidiary of a global financial group.

Global Bank with presence in 100+ countries

72+ payment entities

Offers remittance services in 70+ currencies

Focused on 100% digital, cashless transactions


Business challenges

Our client sought to strengthen its presence in the US, standardize customer experience, and innovate within the remittance services sector.


Provide customers with remittance services through mobile app.


Increase geographic coverage and market participation, particualry in the US.


Avoid disruptions to clients during transition process.


Increase corporate coverage, along with business revenue.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek deployed Agile development teams to manage, support, and improve internal and customer-facing processes and apps.

Softtek Agile teams also enabled a new channel by developing a mobile remittance app.

Everest Group PEAK Matrix 2021 - Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) Solutions

Improved business countinuity and service quality by providign 24/7 support service for critical applications and go-live support.

Automated customer service processes, enabling an increase in service capacity.

Implemented safety measures, such as customer validation, and transaction cancellation, across all digital service channels.

Leverage available database services through XML services.

Developed native app for all of the clients platforms within 4 months.

Group 385

Business impact

Our client successfully revamped their digial services through their partnership with Softtek, increasing customer satisfaction and acquisition, while reducing customer costs.

Increased applications coverage by incorporating new LATAM countries and multi-currency

Improved time to market for the deployment of new products

Improved business KPIs like remittance amount, customers affiliated and number of transactions

Reduction of the TCO generated by development method licenses savings

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