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Remittances, Digital Evolution Services

With the constant increase in global migratory flows, the need to transfer money to multiple countries is increasing. The financial industry needs to enable more and more agile remittance services, from any place where people can be and at the time costs are optimized for the people and the financial institution.

Faced with this situation, the need to develop simple, highly responsive and secure digital mobile platforms has become a key factor in competitiveness.

Remittances, next generation digital solutions

With over 20 years of experience in the remittances market, Softtek has developed specialized solutions based on a customer-centric approach, customer journey, technology stack and business functions/processes, which are all integrated to provide a memorable experience to customers throughout each step of the customer journey, minimizing the pain points.

Personalized and frictionless omnichannel experience for increased customer satisfaction & loyalty
Full financial & money transfer digital experience
Support multiple countries and languages while reducing operating complexity
Reliable transactions and consistent product offering
Adaptable to meet business needs with quick time to value

What’s behind our Remittances,
Digital Evolution Services?

Our capabilities can be aligned to business objectives to provide an omnichannel experience across all engagement points and maximize the customer experience with our client’s brand.


Digital Platform
Digital Channels
Customer Journey
Customer Experience




How we are helping clients in the Remittances sectors

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