Results-driven application services outsourcing - Part two

Monday March 03, 2008 - 12pm ET / By Softtek


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  • To make outcome-based engagements fly, think TWA
  • Key success factors for moving to deliverable driven models
  • The maturity plateau: introducing On-Demand SLAs


In the first part of this series we stated that different organizations buy services in very different ways. Choices are determined upon maturity or operating model, but most importantly on how comfortable the client feels with the different service delivery models. In this context we have also identified that the value a vendor can provide is often bigger on SLA-based engagements.

This document highlights different actions that hiring organizations and vendors alike can take to evolve their application outsourcing models beyond staff augmentation. Based on our experience, we identify some of the critical success factors, as well as a viable scenario for the future of managed application maintenance and support services (AMS).

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