Retrospectives: Days of Future Past




What is the importance of Retrospectives? Why all the fuss? Why does my Scrum Master insist on having one when I prefer to be coding or testing or doing some other fun stuff? Join us to learn why taking a pause and observing where we are and where we are heading is significant. We may not be able to change the past but we can change directions avoiding unnecessary rework and waste.  






Diana Rodriguez - Leader of the Enterprise Lean-Agile Center of Excellence at Softtek


Diana has 23 years in IT with background in application development. She has worked with frameworks aligned to a lean and agile mindset. Has helped teams and organization for both national and international to transform how they operate at a team, program and organizational level. Performs training and coaching for organizations that seek a cultural changes through the implementation of values and practices that enables better delivery and read a reduced Tome/to/marker and improvement in value delivery. Currently runs the Enterprise Lean-Agile Center of Excellence at Softtek.


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