Breakfast Roundtable | Invitation only

Scaling agile while staying nimble: is it possible?

Thursday, September 16th at 11am Eastern Time.
Diego Lo Giudice
Diego Lo Giudice
Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
Diana Rodríguez
Diana Rodríguez
Enterprise Lean Agile, Softtek
Stephanie Moore
Stephanie Moore (moderator)
SVP Marketing USA, Softtek

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Stay nimble, stay valuable

Business and IT leaders have been ramping up their digital capabilities and agile programs for some time now. But as these programs grow, new questions emerge. How to ensure programs remain nimble as they become more sophisticated? How to better manage resources and scarce talent? How to enhance compliance and security without slowdowns? Join Softtek’s Diana Rodriguez, guest speaker Diego Lo Giudice of Forrester Research, and software executives from Fortune 500 companies to talk about challenges and best practices for scaling agile and driving the next level of value, while remaining nimble.

Discussion topics:

Scaling agile, from Spotify to SAFe and beyond
The role of value streams in remaining value-focused
Resource management and the rebirth of the PMO for scaled agile environments
Moving from project led to product led