In the Rush to Digital,
are Retailers Neglecting Security?


Facing a harshly unforgiving competitive environment, many retailers are turning to digital technologies to streamline operations, gain insight into customer preferences and buying patterns and enhance the shopping experience. In the process, many are neglecting the constantly evolving internal and external security risks threatening their enterprises with operational, financial and reputational damage. To reduce their level of vulnerability, retailers should make security an integral part of their digital strategy around infrastructure, applications and governance.



Retailers focused on digital transformation can view security as a low priority

Retailers are vulnerable to a wide range of internal and external security threats

Security should be an integral aspect of a retailer’s digital and operational strategy


John Kallergis    linkedin.png
John "JJ" Kallergis parthers with retail executives to transform IT operations and deliver greater value to the business. He focuses on improving operational effectiveness and ensuring that techonology organizations are aligned with business strategies and contributing to an enhanced customer experience.

Leo Navarro    linkedin.png
Leo Navarro has more than 15 years of industry experience, specializing in IT risk management, security, software development, quality assurance and IT operations. Leo works with clients on a global basis to deliver technology solutions that improve efficiency and productivity and enhance security.

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