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Logistics Leader Turns Data into Cost Savings and Strategic Forecasting

Softtek Quality Services Play Key Role to Save US$ 300M Per Year.

About the customer

Transportation, shipping & logistics leader founded in 1907, operating globally.

packages delivered per year

in revenue during 2019

employees in 220 countries

vehicles in its delivery fleet

pick-up and delivery customers


Business challenges

The logistics delivery company grew aggressively and expanded their delivery service quickly in over 30 countries, requiring new structural demands in their IT infrastructure and operations. They needed a dependable application to optimize speed and network capabilities, as well as modernizing their current digital processes to simplify cross-border shipping.


Business growth and high demand, requiringa quick solution.


Legacy digital services and processes.


Need to increase operational capacity and business productivity.


Large demand from customers, impacting customer service.


Inefficient use of frieght and vehicle miles and fuel.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek proposed a nearshore model to transform and optimize the customer delivery experience by modernizing digital capabilities to support the expansion of extended hours and pickups. The new technology streamlined global shipments with agile updates and advanced routes, allowing drone delivery to expaned networks including hospitals and university campuses.

Developed technology to support the expansion of extended hour services and weekend pickup and delivery.

Simplified crossborder shipping adding agile upgrades to digital services.

Invested in additional technology to improve the speed of the shipping network.

Optimized routes to enable a new customer service process.

Drone delivery service expanded to university campuses and hospital networks.

Group 385

Business impact

Enabled global logistics network system, optimizing assets utilization

Provided service differentiators to improve customer experience and brand loyalty

Ensured FDA compliance were met on healthcare logistics systems

Increased in time to market for new application features

Reduced cost with nearshore capabilities and team

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