Global Oil and Gas Producer

A major oil and gas producer was struggling to monitor its field assets in a timely manner, resulting in inaccurate diagnostics and slow responses to maintenance requirements. Softtek was engaged to implement a smart asset solution that would monitor assets in real time and enable proactive maintenance.


Slow and inefficient measurements and readings of oil and gas assets
Inability to track assets on-line
Diagnostics reports require 5 to 7 working days to process
Inefficient reporting processes from support teams to management


Microservices e-forms on open systems platform
Mobile applications for web browsers, desktops and iOS-enabled mobile devices
Field technicians capture information easily and accurately on-site


By developing mobile web applications and a network of smart devices to manage remote assets, Softtek’s solution allowed the energy producer to gain real-time insight into field operations. This provided transparency into the environment and enabled proactive and predictive maintenance, reducing downtime from equipment failures and driving cost savings.


Digital forms by asset



To process maintenance data update reduced from 5-7 days to 2 days






Reduction through better maintenance and improved asset reliability