Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Report2020





It was undoubtedly a year full of many challenges in all aspects of personal lives and in the business world. It was an atypical year that left profit and loss on the balance sheet, and went beyond testing us month by month; it gave us the opportunity to demonstrate why I always say that Softtek was born to thrive, not to survive.



The year 2020 provoked us to redefine resilience and discover a new sense of empathy.

Each year Softtek faces a constant challenge. 2020 gave us the opportunity to adapt to the circumstances that were provoked by a global pandemic. We sought closeness with our clients in an agile way, as well as keep operations running smoothly for our clients.

Message from Our CEO
2020 was undoubtedly a year full of many challenges in all aspects of personal life and the business world. It was an atypical year that left profit and loss on the balance sheet, and went beyond testing us month by month; it gave us the opportunity to demostrare why always say that Softtek was born to thrive, not to survive
Blanca Treviño,
President & CEO
Meet the 2020 Perspective of our
Board of Directors
2020 Awards and Recognitions

“We are proud to have received recognition, particularly when the global market and many clients belonging to the dierent sectors were aected in 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

- Blanca Treviño, President & CEO

CMMi V2.0 Level 5

TMMi Level 5 Recertification (1/13 companies in world w/ status)

Major Contender in Everest Group’s Cloud-Native Application Development Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020 Super Empresa 2020 “The places where everyone wants to work” (#7)

BreakFriendly 2020, Top Companies, “Building the ideal workplace”

Recognized by the Council of Well-being and Health in Mexico with the OSR MR Responsibly Healthy Organization Distinction at level 6 of 8 levels

Socially Responsible Company
Global Presence


The pandemic and our capabilities

The worldwide health situation and the economic impact had eects on our clients. Staying close, supporting them to react and mitigating the negative impacts on their operations, in addition to accelerating their digital transformation, also allowed us to maximize our capabilities as an organization. For our clients significantly aected in their business, cancellations were constant and the scenario was concerning.

The pandemic and its eects allowed us to accelerate clients’ digital transformation and thus maximize our capabilities as an organization; the pandemic presented an opportunity.

The digital solutions we oer are accompanied by a quality experience and a high level of service during all stages and interactions with our clients.

Evolution of a Sustainable

One thing we always seek in Softtek is to create value, for our employees, clients and communities where we operate.


Automation-First. It’s not just one line of business; we use it everywhere.


Only company worldwide to achieve perfect score in the TMMi evaluation.


Innovation management for services with CBF monitoring and development of value streams


» Innauguration of research center in Barcelona, Spain, fo Smart Energy Solutions.
» Launch of FRIDA automation platform and DIEGO digital accelerator portfolio.


Launch of Open Labs, mapitalizaing on Centers of Innovation, Excellence and Specialization.


Acquisition of Vector ITC, explanding our operations in Europe. Additionally, we began our verticalization process at the global level to improve our quality of service


Investment in intellectual property and automation for development of digital solutions. Consolidation of verticalization strategy


Our Softtekians
Softtekians, our greatest asset.
“Throughout 2020, Softtek stayed empathetic, resilient, flexible and compassionate towards our Softtekians”
-Luis Revilla, Chief People Officer
Talent Retention
Engagement Index

Recognition System

In a year in which digital platforms were the only means for learning and consuming content, Softtek was faced with a significant challenge, which was overcome by agility and collaboration, which helped provide continuity to training for our Softtekians.

Every year we seek to maximize the potential of Softtek University, our tool that concentrates the necessary training and content for the professional development and growth of all our employees. We adopted new systems and ways of learning.

Training hours

All the actions and achievements of our Softtekians deserve and should be rewarded. Every year we seek to broaden our culture of recognition to these transcendental actions, which have undoubtedly contributed to the growth and reputation of the organization.

Insignia Model
Intended to highlight and provide visibility to the day-to-day achievements and are distinctions that are awarded among Softtekians.

Voice of the Customer
Customer Feedback
The direct recognition or gratitude from external or internal customers for outstanding actions that exceed service expectations.

Voice of the Management
Leader - Led Recognition
Recognition from a leader to a Softtekian on his/her team, for excellent performance and outstanding behavior that generates a positive impact on results, quality and process improvement.

Leader - Team Recognition
Recognition given to work teams from dierent areas or practices that eciently faced challenges that represented business growth.

Leave a Mark
Company - Led Recognition
The highest distinction that a Softtekian can obtain within the organization. It recognizes Softtekians that went beyond what was expected, and whose actions contributed to the advancement of the business, and above all, whose contributions become a way of doing things; that is, he/she has left a mark.


The circumstances of 2020 allowed us to evolve on several fronts, which prompted us to take our health program to the next level, by incorporating it as part of a digital transformation through digital platforms and activities. This allowed us to bring the necessary information and tools to all employees, to continue taking care of their health and prevent a possible contagion.

» Preserve the health of our employees, clients and partners.
» Comply with local, national and international regulations and contribute to eorts to minimize the impact of the pandemic.
» Avoid interruptions in the service we provide to customers.

The Wellness area, whose objective is to generate a culture of prevention and self-care of health in a healthy and fun work environment, was transformational for our employees and for the eective continuity of our operations.

We know that the value of technology goes beyond the economic realm. Technology is an motor for social transformation; it helps us close gaps and make society prosper.
Solidaria Foundation

Probono Projects

We managed to develop more than 60 projects through our digital platform, supporting dozens of social service organizations around the world. To face the challenges caused by the pandemic, we made available to the community what we do best: leverage technology for social good

The challenges that 2020 presented led us to redefine the scope and vision of this initiative. With the inevitable virtuality, we decided to go beyond employability to also focus on showing the transformative eect that technologies can have on life.


Through the solutions we oer, under the slogan “Help for Helping Better,” we achieved a common goal: we helped social service organizations generate a greater impact in the community. The accumulated benefit through the end of 2020 is summarized in supporting more than 20 organizations, benefitting more than 250,000 people.

“Help for Helping Better” - Register your association here.

We are focused on closing the digital gap that exists in society, and above all to encourage younger generations to have an approach to STEM. During 2020, about 500 young people and adolescents participated in the various STEM outreach programs.


Our Environmental Commitment

At Softtek we have a continuous commitment to caring for the environment, which is why we create good practices that allow us to identify, measure and manage our environmental impact.

Our strategy is based on reducing:

» Energy use
» Paper consumption
» Water consumption
» Waste creational and disposal


Our Governance

At Softtek it is important to us to have an appropriate and healthy governance structure to create the necessary conditions for making strategic decisions that allow us to increase our competitiveness and create value. All our committees maintain a permanent and eective dialogue, encouraging the participation of all members in decisionmaking to guarantee the sustainable growth of the company.

Get to know our dierent committees here.


About this Report

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Essential Option. For the sixth year, its publication is in line with the best practice in triple impact reporting: economic, environmental and social. We show the results for the period between January 1st and December 31st, 2020, based on the results of the materiality study carried out in 2018. Eorts made to contribute to the 2030 Development Agenda established by the UN are included, through five prioritized Sustainable Development Goals.

Likewise, this report represents the Communication on Progress (CoP) that we presented to the United Nations Global Compact, to which we adhere. Our Social Responsibility eorts are based on its 10 principles.


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