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Immediacy seems to be the new normal in almost every aspect of modern life.The center of gravity of IT is shifting from systems of record, towards systems of engagement. This comes from the IT megatrend of consumerization. 

Enter nearshore outsourcing. The features that have been touted about nearshore with regards to proximity, same-time zone, and real-time interaction have met their moment, and here are three reasons why:
  • Integration
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Customer experienceSofttek-eBook-Now-Economy
Application development is also something that is evolving rapidly and we can see a perfect example in customer service in companies like Nordstrom or American Express. They have mastered the art of providing an outstanding experience to their customers. Your expectations are high when you talk to representatives of these companies, whether you have an inquiry or are seeking help to solve a problem. The marketing and advertising world calls these interactions “Moments of Truth.”

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