The Internet of Smart Things: How the Recovery has Accelerated the Digitization of Manufacturing

Armando Ávila
Armando Ávila
Former VP of Manufacturing, Nissan Mexicana
Eren Yilmaz
Eren Yilmaz
Director of Industry 4.0 Innovation, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.
Beni Lopez
Beni Lopez (moderator)
Managing Director, US Market & Industrial, Softtek
Oct 20th, 5pm ET

The 4th Industrial Revolution is reshaping the manufacturing sector, leveraging automation and data. This is expected to further increase productivity and value profoundly, offering rapid returns and accomplishing digital transformations from several perspectives. Now, hyper-automated dark factories can do the impossible, effortlessly manufacturing any product with little or no human intervention.

Join Armando Ávila, former VP of Manufacturing for Nissan Mexicana, Eren Yilmaz, Director of Industry 4.0 Innovation for Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., and Beni Lopez, Managing Director, US Market & Industrial at Softtek, to discuss on the current state of manufacturing, sharing their insights and experiences within the industry.

During this panel, we’ll focus on lessons learned gained from practical experiences:

Practical insights implementing Industry 4.0 in an increasingly unpredictable world
Reducing manufacturing complexity though smart design from the onset
Tricks of the trade in optimizing complex manufacturing and supply chains