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Top Retailer saves big with automation

Through Softtek’s Cognitive services, “FRIDA,” the client automated complex business processes, maximized employee potential by reassigning them to value-added activities inside the organization and reduced human errors in business and financial operations.

About the customer

Global premium Brand.

stores in the Americas.

employees in Mexico.

40 B
MX target sales in 2020.



Business challenges

The client had an urgent need for a high degree of accuracy and consistency in operations that relied on manual data entry, data manipulation and report generation.


The client obtained financial information from fragmented systems and was seeking to optimize its processes.


Constant growth in Finance and Accounting departments presented the need for automated processes.


Outdated technology for tax processes required manual improvements, increasing the risk of human errors.


Manual processes delayed tax duties.

How Softtek comes into play

Softtek analyzed different areas where RPA could potentially add value to the company and reduce costs.

Softtek Implemented FRIDA, levaraging state of the art machine learning and AI tools.

FRIDA pilots reduced process times from several minutes to seconds.

Softtek Contributed to the client’s innovation process and became the leading innovation partner.

Group 385

Business impact

Through Softtek’s solution, the client optimized costs and significantly improved operational efficiencies.


ROI after the first year of the implementation of “FRIDA” allowed the client to cover 100% the cost of the project with only one bot.


of improvement in the cycletime for selected processes.

With RPA, leadership can make better decisions when assigning human talent to value-added activities.

Based on the results, the client proposed to expand cognitive services to other areas, and seleted Softtek as leading innovation partner.

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