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Telecommunications Company Modernizes its Digital Platform to Meet Customer Demands

Softtek’s Services Helped the Client Optimize its IT Infrastructure and Applications, Allowing it to Increase Revenue from its Prepaid Business.

About the customer

One of the largest wireless network operators in the United States.

$40 B+ in revenue.

8M+ subscribers.

4,000+ Stores.

28,000+ employees.


Business challenges

To accelerate new sales in the short-term and enhance user experience to reduce customer churn, the client needed to make improvements to the company website.


Expedite time to market for new products and services.


Reduce costs related to business operations.


Higher churn rates due to the lack of agility implementing marketing initiatives.


Migrate to a platform that enables new functionalities in a fast and easy manner.


Lack of coordination between different IT and business units.

How Softtek comes into play

With Softtek’s IT optimization services, the client’s infrastructure immediately presented high availability levels, performance improvement and increased security. Additionally, through our monitoring solutions, the client can detect failures and security breaches.

Developed innovative customer experience strategies to decrease churn and attract new clients.

Implemented an automation-first focus that reflects constant savings for the client.

Optimized cloud platform operation to partner with AWS and fullfill business needs.

Designed, built, and Implemented digital platforms to provide an effective customer experience.

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Business impact

Softtek was able to implement a Data Center Migration without any business impact and deliver an Integral Command Center for Infrastructure monitoring, ensuring annual savings based on operational efficiencies and quality platform practices.

Infrastructure downtime reduced to zero.

99.9% platform availability allows for production deployment time of 12 minutes periteration.

25% customer database growth and a vital decrease in churn rates.

10% savings on cloud infrastructure related costs.

IT operations cost reduction.

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